Fact! :)


I’m going to analyze myself

I’ve noticed something with fan girls - particularly about kpop fangirls since I used to be one and had experience with them.

When I used to get no game with boys whatsoever, I used to be obsessed with my kpop bias groups. B1A4 were all my husbands. I used to give all…

Happy Monthsary to US! ❤

안녕하세요 아기 그것의 우리의 22 Monthsary. 가 2months 그리고 그것의 우리의 2 주년. 우리는 지금까지 우리는 여전히 함께 관리할 모든 싸움에도 불구 하 고이 관계에서 왔어요. 당신을 사랑해요

Hi baby its our 22nd Monthsary. 2months to go and its our 2nd Anniversary. We’ve come so far in this relationship despite all the fights we still manage to stick together. I love you & stay us strong ❤

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